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VMFA-333 - callsign: ""Fighting Shamrocks" F4 Phantoms

VMFA-333 - callsign: ""Fighting Shamrocks" F4 Phantoms


1-300 decals for Marine VMFA-333. Known as the "Fighting Shamrocks" and “Trip Trey”, the squadron participated in action during World War II, the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.


1966 VMFA transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II. In June 1972, they deployed on board the USS America and conducted mission over Vietnam. It was during this deployment that the squadron got the only all-Marine air to air kill of a Mig 21 during the Vietnam War.


1976 deployment aboard the USS Nimitz and projected airpower during multiple crises through the mid 1980s.


The white & green Shamrock band is extra-long to fit multiple manufactures F4 models. It will need to be trimmed to fit.


Correct time period USA Star & Bar decals can be founde HERE

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