1/300 aircraft decals info 

  • All aircraft decals are thermal printed on high grade clear water slide decal paper. The print sheet is very thin and forms beautifully to the model.  

  • The roundels are under coated in white to ensure opacity and vibrant color.

  • Each sheet is also treated with a sealer to keep the print from being damaged during application.

  • They are printed on a large field to make it easier to cutout without damaging the surrounding decals.

  • As I am also a gamer, if I do not have the decals you are looking for, send me an email and I will see if I can create it for you.


  • I will always respond to any and all emails:-) 

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Due to increased volumes & work on the new 1-1800 scale Victory at Sea decal line, we are unable to accept custom design requests at this time.