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Instructions for Navwar 1-3000 deck decals

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Tips for preparing Navwar castings

I have found Navwar castings to have slight to significant variations in castings. Due to the inconsistencies it is imperative to dry test fit the decks before soaking.

The castings can also have issues like cracks and divots in the decks. If you apply the decal over them, it will show through once the decal has dried. 

In the below picture you can see that the decal deck looks wavy in several spots. Also there is a deep divot in the 2nd elevator. 



There are several easy  ways to solve for the defects. For large holes and cracks, model putty can be used. 

For wavy decks with several low spots, I use thick UV nail polish clear coat. I just keep adding layers, hardening between coats under a nail polish UV light. The UV light can be purchased on Amazon for $14.00 and can also be used for other projects like attaching aircraft to larger scale CVs with UV glue.     

IMG_4082 (2).JPG

Once the divots filled, use progressive grits of nail files to sand down to one even deck level.  Then just apply your primer coat and your deck will come out perfectly level.


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