Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the decals individually printed like those in model kits?  No they are not. They need to be individually cut out.

Are your decals printed on vinyl? All our products are printed on thin waterslide decal paper.  Or as the rest of the planet calls them, water slide “Transfer” paper.  They are not paper or vinyl stickers.

Do you ship internationally?  Yes.  About 40% of all my customers are overseas.  Currently I ship international orders in multiple standard envelopes to avoid package customs Covid delays. 

Can I use a deck decal sized for a GHQ model on a AlNavco – Superior or ShapeWays model?  Each manufactures model’s size and dimensions (length, width & angles) are unique.  For example, a 1-2400 GHQ Enterprise will have completely different dimensions then that of a 1-2400 Superior Enterprise model. Decals sized to one will not fit correctly on the other even though they are the same ship.  There are two exceptions to this rule. The first is the modern CGs, DDGs & FFGs that are printed on clear background water slide paper.  Since the background is clear, there is a particularly good chance they will fit universally to other manufactures ships. The second are the Navwar decals.  I am told by many customers that the Navwar decks fit well on the Davco 1-3000 scale ships but I can not verify it.

Are you planning on making decals for Davco 1-3000 scale ships?  I have reached out to Davco multiple times over the years about designing decks for their models.  I have never received a response.

Do you know where I can purchase Navwar 1-3000 ship models in the USA?  Unfortunately, there are no US based distributor for Navwar.  I seriously considered becoming a distributor, but it did not make any sense as it would only increase the final price to the consumer due to international shipping costs.  Many people are put off by Navwars' website and inability to purchase online.  What I can tell you is that Tony is awesome to work with even though he does not use email.  I have purchased several thousand ships from him via snail mail over the years.  I often receive the ships faster than orders I place digitally with USA based manufactures.   

Are you planning on making decals for Warlord Games new 1-1800 Victory at Sea ships?  Probably not.  To correctly size and fit the decals requires having the models.  As you can imagine that can be an expensive proposition.  I also always seek the manufactures approval since the decals can only be used on their ship models.  It is very unlikely that WG would have any interest.  I also absolutely love Ghukek’s Miniatures 1-1800 ship designs and price point as printed by XP-Forge.  Both parties are also great to work with.

You offer deck decals in 1-3000, 1-2400 and 1-1800 scales.  Are you planning on any other scales?  I am planning on producing decals sized to Figurehead 1-6000 scale decks. They are an awesome line offered by the Last Square.

Are you planning on deck decals for 1-1200 and or 1-600 scale ships?  Probably not.   Single piece decals in those scales are just too large and would fail during application to the models.  

What type of printer do you use to print white?  I use a small fleet of ALPS MD5000 thermal printers for the aircraft decals.  The ALPS printers are incredibly old and out of production.  Consumables are becoming increasing scares and very expensive.  I will continue to use the ALPS as they provide the absolute best micro detail and ability to undercoat the roundels with almost perfect registration (see "Transfer Paper & Printers" tab for details) than any other printer under the $20K price mark.

The vast majority of ship decals are printed on white background decal paper. I use an OKI 942 for those prints. I also use the Oki for some larger scale aircraft roundels as well as the modern white on clear background deck decals.  

Are you the original designer of the 1-2400 scale deck decals?  No, I am not. When I started down this path 5 years ago, I only had about 2 dozen 1-2400 scale GHQ ship deck designs.  Those original designs were created by the exceptionally brilliant painter “Tanner” of WWII Central.  Several pictures of his incredibly painted models are posted on the 1-2400 pages on this site as well as the GHQ’s site & print catalogs.  Like you I am also a mini gamer & collector.  So, I needed deck decals for my GHQ CVs. SeaBat decals had long ago gone OOP.  That was when I stumbled across some single piece deck decals being sold on Ebay. I was informed by the seller that the decals were no longer going to be produced. I was able to work out a deal to purchase the original design rights from a 3rd party who had purchased them from Tanner a few years earlier.  He just did not have the time to continue production.  With completely self-serving motivation I purchased the designs to produce for just my personal collection.  That is when the customer requests started.  At first it was just for the couple dozen original designs. Since then, I have expanded into multiple naval and aircraft scales.  As of the most recent custom request for the 1-300 Russian Air Force ВВС РОССИИ decals the site now offers 1,562 unique decal designs.


Do you do custom commission decal designing? There are several answers to this question:

  • I am no longer doing any "out of scale" decal commission work.  I just do not have the time available.

  • I am no longer doing any commission work that would not have a mass market appeal if the commission is less than  $500+ on the initial order. An example of this type of commission would be requests for Imagination Roundels, Sci-Fi fleet markings etc.

  • If you have an "in scale" request that would have mass appeal, I will try to make them for you.  Examples would be an Essex CV deck that is available in 1-2400 or 1-3000 scale but not in 1-1800. A modern or WWII 1-300 aircraft squadron that is currently not listed.  Happy to create these for you.  

If you are a brand new customer, I now require a down payment and a $50 minimum purchase.  The minimum purchase can be a combination of the requested design and or already available decals.  I hate having to do this but, there are too many people who don't have a problem committing someone else's time and then not actually purchasing the request decals.  Some past examples: several of the 1-600 B-17 bomber squadrons, Swiss Air Force roundels, and many naval decks. There is a difference I would like to note. All of the above wanted the designs completed as soon as possible. I did that on verbal  (email) commitments.  Then the requester never purchased the items. I am always open and seeking recommendations.  Recommendations are how I priorities my future design work.


Will your aircraft roundels work on 1-1200 scale aircraft? The smallest roundels on the the 1-600 scale sheets are 1mm in size. I am told by customers that they work on wings and some fuselages.


Where do you get your flight stands from?  The vast majority of the stands are from Litko.