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How to remove aircraft from decks of Figurehead Modern 1-6000 ship casts


In order for you to be able to use the decal decals on the modern ship casts you first must remove the aircraft that are casted into the model deck.  

Although there are other methods, this is the one and tools that I use to accomplish this:

IMG_3629 (2).JPG

The process is very simple and does not take much time to complete.  It does take some attention to detail and a light touch, especially with the Xacto knife.

Step #1

Stop by your local craft store, HD or Lowes and pickup a flush sheer cutter.  If you pay more than $7 you are paying way too much.  Use the sheers to flush cut as much of each aircraft off of the deck:  


Do be careful for the aircraft next to the island.  You do not want to cut into the actual island.


Step #2

Use an Xacto chisel blade to carefully shave off more of the aircraft residue.  This usually only needs to be done for those aircraft that are close together that you are not able to get a good angle on with the sheers. I like to use the large chisel blade. It grants better / slower control of the shave and it is less likely to gouge the deck as a small chisel blade has a tendency to do.  This is where the light touch comes in. Too much pressure and you may gouge the deck, Island or just slice you finger and need stiches - don't ask... 

IMG_3633 (2).JPG

Step #3

The pyramid rasp is a great way to level out the deck abutting the island.  It can be purchased at any hobby, craft, hardware store.  It is not necessary but a faster way to complete the process.

The next tools can be purchased at your local Walmart or pharmacy.  They are simply foam nail files in grits from rough to buff.  For the rough I like to cut the pad down the middle.  It gives me more control over where I am sanding.  This also allows me to achieve the need angle to completely remove the aircraft residue around the island and elevators. Progressively work the pads down to the finest buff grit.  This will remove any deeper scratches left by the rougher grit files. 

IMG_3635 (2).JPG

Once you deck looks like the above, give it a wash in some warm water and soap to remove file dust and any casting release chemicals on the rest of the model.  Now your ship is ready to be primed, painted and decals applied.  Even at this size it is still important to ensure you apply the decal over a gloss clear coat - for more info on why, click here.

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