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USNM-2400 BB Iowa & CGN California class

USNM-2400 BB Iowa & CGN California class


Specifically sized to GHQ models.

The decals are thermally printed resin on clear background.

The clear background allows your painted deck color to show through alleviating the need to try and match the rest of your deck paint color to the decal color. The deck decals & hull #s need to be individually cut out. You will need to cut as close to the edge of the outer  white lines as possible. I strongly recommend using a new, sharp tipped Xacto blade when doing this.

Make sure your deck has a gloss coat on the area the decal is going on. The gloss coat is not optional for this type of decal application. You will need to use fresh decal set solution. This will melt the excess clear decal transfer edges into the gloss coat. Set solution that has been on your shelf for 2+ years will have lost some of its PH value and effectiveness. You will absolutely need to top coat seal the decal after the set solution has dried. I do not recommend “decal novices” use this style of decal. For first-time decal users, I recommend going with the decals that have the background deck color printed out for you. That style of decal is much more forgiving and easer to apply.

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