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1-200 RAF Type B upper wing camo surfaces, 4 different size sheets

1-200 RAF Type B upper wing camo surfaces, 4 different size sheets


Generic sheet of 1-200 scale RAF Type B roundels. Type B are used on upper wing surfaces of camo painted RAF planes. The application of Type B roundels on the upper wings was a common practice right to the end of the war.


The Type B roundel is, in fact, an early attempt at reducing the visibility from above. It is essentially what we, today, would call a “low viz”. By removing the white secondary ring and outer yellow ring from the Type A-1 roundel, the contrast was removed. When applied to the top surfaces of wings, the elimination of a bright white made it less visible to marauding enemy fighters from above. 

The Type B roundel remained in extensive use on the upper surfaces of many aircraft until 1947. It was commonly used on fuselage sides and upper wings of overall PRU Blue (Photo Reconnaissance Unit Blue – sometimes called Robin's Egg Blue) photo-reconnaissance aircraft from 1940 to 1944 (e.g. photo-reconnaissance Spitfires) and aircraft with "High altitude" camouflage (e.g. de Havilland Hornet) from 1944–1947.


There are 4 different sizes. 

Small fighters:

40x 5.5mm

44x 5mm

48x 4.5mm

48x 4mm

Large fighters & small bombers:

32x 7mm

36x 6.5mm

45x 6mm

Medium bombers:

21x 8.5mm

28x 8mm

32x 7.5mm

Heavy large bombers:

8x 10.5mm

9x 10mm

18x 9.5mm

20x 9mm



Decals have been test fitted to Plane Printer - Roman Troyan's - 3d print STLs as well as Armaments in Miniature resin cast planes.

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