Type 55 Renhai DDG / CG


PRC-M13 Renhai DDG decal sheet includes 4 hull deck numbers: 101 - in service now and 101, 102, 103 and 104. I do not know if the hulls that are currently being constructed will have those pennant numbers as PLAN number conventions often do not follow linear sequencing.


The Type 055 destroyer (NATO/OSD Renhai-class cruiser) is a class of guided missile destroyers being constructed for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy. A total of 6 hulls are planned. It is a multi-mission design; the combination of sensors and weapons suggests a main role of area air defence, with anti-submarine warfare capabilities surpassing previous Chinese surface combatants.

The Type 055 is expected to undertake expeditionary missions and form the primary escort for Chinese aircraft carriers.

The United States classifies these ships as cruisers. The United States Navy defines a cruiser as a large multi-mission surface combatant with flag facilities.  

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