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Misprint IJN, Katakana DD "amidships" names 1-1800

Misprint IJN, Katakana DD "amidships" names 1-1800

$5.00 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price

The set was originally designed to be for 1-2400 scale IJN DDs. They printed too large. They will work verywell for 1-1800 scale ships. 




Katakanna names are printed in white on thin clear waterslide decal paper. Since most customers do not read Katakanna, I have printed in black the corresponding ship name in English.  


Decals are sized to fit GHQ 1-2400 scale IJN DD castings. They will not fit GHQ, IJN DEs. Before you purchase, I recommend you take a look at a GHQ, IJN casting. It's a very small space a midships. You will need to use decal Sol & Set solution to ensure the decal cut edges wrap under the bottom of the hull and over the top onto the deck. 


Decals need to be individualy cutout. See application tips and directions.


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