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569th Heavy Bomber SQN B-17, 390th Bomber Group, High & Low visibility 1-285

569th Heavy Bomber SQN B-17, 390th Bomber Group, High & Low visibility 1-285


The decal sheet serial numbers and radio call signs are 100% historically accurate. The sheet contains a 50 / 50 mix of High & Low Visibility markings.


The squadron was based at RAF Framlingham. It flew missions against targets in the Ruhr, the Messerschmitt factory at Regensburg, ball bearing factories at Schweinfurt, Big Week, the concentrated assault on Germany's aircraft manufacturing industry, including plants manufacturing aircraft instruments and depots for aviation supplies. Other strategic targets included attacks on navy bases at Bremen, bridges at Cologne, marshalling yards at Frankfurt am Main, factories at Mannheim, synthetic oil plants at Merseburg, oil refineries at Zeitz.

The squadron was occasionally diverted from the strategic bombing campaign to fly air support and interdiction missions. It bombed near Caen fifteen minutes before the first landings on the Normandy coast on D Day. It provided support during Operation Cobra, the breakout at Saint Lo in late July 1944. During the Battle of the Bulge from December 1944 through January 1945, it cut German supply lines to the battle area. It attacked Axis air bases to support Operation Varsity, the airborne assault across the Rhine, in March 1945.


The decals are specifically sized to Roman Troyan (Plane Printer on Patron) stls printed at 1-285 scale

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