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1-200 RAF Type A1 - A2 "variant" fuselage roundels

1-200 RAF Type A1 - A2 "variant" fuselage roundels


Generic sheet of 1-200 scale RAF Type A-1 "variant" fuselage roundels. Sometimes reffered to as Type A2 roundel. The Type A-2 roundel was an alternative ratio roundel used on some early Second World War aircraft, including Grumman Martlets purchased from the United States. The idea of the Type A-2 was to reduce the amount of yellow in the outer ring to subdue its overall visibility. The smaller outer yellow ring still had the benefit of delineating the roundel against the dark camouflage, but reduced its high visibility signature.



66x 5.5mm

72x 5mm

84x 4.5mm


Decals have been test fitted to Plane Printer - Roman Troyan's - 3d print STLs as well as Armaments in Miniature resin cast planes.

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