Future Decal Development Recommendation:

If you have a suggestion for a new decal design that would be popular,  I would be grateful if you would share it.  In fact, most of the decals on the site began as a customer recommendation.  It is one of the ways that I organize and priorities future digital design time.  Please keep in mind that this form is for historical and or hobby gamming community designs.  As mentioned, I am no longer able to dedicate time to personal commissions like "Imagination" unless they meet the guidelines on the FAQ page. 

Is your recommendation for:
Which scale is your recommendation for?

Below is the number of requests received that met the minimum "gateway" of 5+ votes. I will update the chart 2x a month. 

#1 GHQ Colossus decks - 14 requests.

I should have them completed by end February

#2 Design decks for 1-1200 scale models - 10 requests.

As mentioned in the FAQs, I do not think this is a viable scale for single sheet decals.  I will do some testing on the  Ghukek’s Miniatures models

#3 Air Force & Marine in other languages - 8 requests.

I should have several options ready to order over next 2 weeks

#4 B-24 & B-29 squadrons - 5 requests.

I need some more input here.  Which squadrons and time periods? Only 1 person left their email address for further info.

#5 GHQ QE & Prince Wales deck decals - 5 requests.

Kinda surprised  with this one as the model comes with decals but ok I will put it on the today list unless it is over taken by another request.

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