Future Decal Development Recommendation:

If you have a suggestion for a new decal design that would be popular,  I would be grateful if you would share it.  In fact, most of the decals on the site began as a customer recommendation.  It is one of the ways that I organize and priorities future digital design time.  Please keep in mind that this form is for historical and or hobby gamming community designs.  As mentioned, I am no longer able to dedicate time to personal commissions like "Imagination" unless they meet the guidelines on the FAQ page. 

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Requested Decals

WWII USN hull numbers 1-2400

USN hull numbers during the war period were very small, usually only 2' high in solid white, grey or black.  The color was dependent on the ships measure.  Decals that small are not possible.  2.4K hull numbers in "pure white" are also almost impossible to see on the sheet.  The solution was to print larger than historically accurate and in the style of black shadow of pre & post war periods.  Even with the black shadow they are a technical challenge to print and require patients and skill to apply on DDs. 


WWII French pennate numbers 1-2400

I have received multiple requests over the years for this project.  I have not been able to find an all encompassing historical reference to design the pennants.  If you know of one, please send my way.


Decks to fit Warlord Ships 1-1800

I have reached out to them.  Should have a status update in a couple of weeks.


Modern Decks & Nimitz 1-1800

I have received a dozen requests for 1-1800 Nimitz class deck as well as some other moderns.  As soon as Ghukek's Miniatures creates the designs I will place an order with XPForge so I can design a deck.  I also really liked the movie but really?


Modern Low Visibility roundels 600 & 300 

Multiple requests for Australian & Canadian low vis decals.  I also added in Japanese.


German Bomber Squadrons 600 & 300 

Working on multiple sets.


B24 Squadrons 600 & 300 

1-300 are complete. 1-600 will be available shortly


Modern US squadron markings 600 & 300 

This is a large scale project.  Will hopefully have some USAF tail IDs up shortly


WWII British tank markings 300 

This was a large lift.  Have completed multiple Brigades and Divisions.  Also added some other details like bridge weights.


Modern A10 & F16 sharks mouth 300 

This request along with Air Cav markings came out of the GHQ Forums page.


Modern Air Cav helo crossed Sabers 300 

This request came out of the GHQ Forums page.


Italian & Russian markings for Cruel Seas

Interest in Cruel Seas gaming system seems to be dwindling.  I have placed several designs on clearance due to lack of sales.  I may keep the German and a couple of the British designs active but I will not be expanding the line unless something changes with popularity.  I am going to need the room for the new lines of 1-600 naval decks and 1-200 aircraft markings.