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UKN44 HMS Theseus  - Colossus class

UKN44 HMS Theseus - Colossus class


Colossus class light fleet carrier.  Deck is specifically scaled and sized to teh GHQ model casting.   Colossus class was a light aircraft carrier design created by the Royal Navy during WWII and used by eight nations between 1944 and 2001. They were designed and constructed to serve as an intermediate step between the full-size fleet aircraft carriers and the limited-capability escort carriers.  Sixteen Light Fleet carriers were ordered, and all were laid down to the Colossus class design during 1942 and 1943. Only eight were completed to this design; of these, four entered service before the end of the war. The final six were modified during construction to handle larger and faster aircraft, and were redesignated the Majestic class. 


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