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UKN29 HMS Tracker

UKN29 HMS Tracker


UKN29: HMS Tracker.  Use GHQ Stock # USN90 - CVE-9 Bogue.

HMS Tracker was a Attacker-class escort carrier that was built in the United States, but served in the Royal Navy during World War II.

She was launched on 7 March 1942, and commissioned 31 January 1943; she was transferred to the Royal Navy and renamed HMS Tracker.[3]

Black smoke rises after a Grumman Avenger crashes on the flight deck of Tracker whilst on Russian convoy duty

Tracker served as an escort during 1943–1944, for North Atlantic and Arctic convoys. She originally carried Swordfish torpedo-bombers and Seafire fighters of 816 Naval Air Squadron; in January 1944, switching to the Grumman Avengers and Grumman Wildcats of 846 Naval Air Squadron. In April 1944, her aircraft, together with those from HMS Activity were responsible for the sinking of the German U-boat U-288 east of Bear Island, during convoy JW-58.

On 10 June 1944, while part of the antisubmarine screen of the Western Approaches Command for the D-Day landings, she collided with a River-class frigate of the Royal Canadian Navy, HMCS Teme, causing damage to both ships. HMS Tracker continued operations despite stove-in bows until 12 June 1944. Thereafter, she was repaired and partially refitted in Liverpool, until 7 September 1944. On 8 December 1944, the ship sailed to the US to be used as an aircraft transport, and spent the remainder of the war ferrying aircraft and personnel in the Pacific.

In August 1945, she made a final trip to the UK, being returned to the US Navy in November 1945. She was sold in November 1946, and entered service as the merchant ship Corrientes, based in Argentina.

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