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UKN27 HMS Stalker

UKN27 HMS Stalker


UKN27 HMS Stalker.  Use GHQ Stock # USN90 - CVE-9 Bogue.

One of a large group of escort aircraft carriers built on Maritime Commission C-3 hulls and transferred to the Royal Navy under lend-lease during World War II.  Renamed HMS Stalker (D91), the escort carrier played a vital part in allied operations in the Atlantic. She participated in the Salerno landings in September 1943, providing effective on the spot air support for assault forces. Stalker also took part in the important landings in southern France in August 1944. From March to April 1945 she was attached to the 21st Aircraft Carrier Squadron. Returned to the United States 29 December 1945, she was struck from the Navy Register 20 March 1946 and sold to Waterman Steamship Corp. of Mobile, Alabama, 18 December 1946. Waterman in turn sold her to the Netherlands in August 1947 where she was converted to the merchant ship Riouw. Later renamed Lobito in 1968, she was scrapped in Taiwan in September 1975.


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