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UKN24 HMS Dasher

UKN24 HMS Dasher


UKN24 HMS Dasher.  Use GHQ Stock # USN90 - CVE-9 Bogue

Avenger-class escort carrier commissioned into the Royal Navy on 2 July 1942.

Dasher had a complement of 555 men.

She participated in Operation Torch, with her sister ship Biter, carrying Sea Hurricanes of 804 Naval Air Squadron. After doing some aircraft ferry operations in the Mediterranean, Dasher sailed to the Clyde in March 1943 and, having had her flight-deck lengthened by 42 ft (13 m), she embarked Fairey Swordfish aircraft. She escorted one convoy successfully, but shortly after leaving with the second, Dasher suffered engine trouble and turned back. Shortly after getting to the Firth of Clyde on 27 March 1943, she suffered a major internal explosion and sank.[

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