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Mid-war Panzer Division Emblems set #1

Mid-war Panzer Division Emblems set #1


The decals are are very small but will be larger than historical accuracy. They have been test fitted to multiple manufactures and 3d prints. They will take maginfication and patients to place on your tanks. They are very tiny.


There are two different sizes for each Div emblem. The sheet includes mid-war markings for:

1st Panzer Div. 1941 to 1942

2nd Panzer Div. 1941 to 1945

3rd Panzer Div. 1941 to 1945 

4th Panzer Div. 1941 to 1943

6th Panzer Div. 1941


The 1st PD X emblem is the same as and interchangable with the 5th 1941 to 1945 period.





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