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IJN, Katakana DD "amidships" names 1-2400 set #2

IJN, Katakana DD "amidships" names 1-2400 set #2


Katakanna names are printed in white on thin clear waterslide decal paper. Since most customers do not read Katakanna, I have printed in black the corresponding ship name in English.  


Decals are sized to fit GHQ 1-2400 scale IJN DD castings. They will not fit GHQ, IJN DEs. Before you purchase, I recommend you take a look at a GHQ, IJN casting. It's a very small space a midships. You will need to use decal Sol & Set solution to ensure the decal cut edges wrap under the bottom of the hull and over the top onto the deck. 


Sheet contains left & right amidships names in Katakana for each of the below classes:

2 x Michitsuki class

4 x Fuyutsuki class

8 x Shiratsuyu class

8 x Asashio class

13 x Kagerōclass

13 x Yūgumo class


It also includes 5 x left & right IJN Destroyer Division numbers 13 through 24.

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