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HMS Albion 1950’s  Navwar RNM2

HMS Albion 1950’s Navwar RNM2


Plese note! The deck is sized to Navwar's BULWARK N127 - NOT N1214 Albion as that casting is too narrow for the deck lines.

H.M.S. ALBION was laid down 1944, but not completed until 1954 to improved design. Sisters Bulwark,Centaur & Elephant plus Arrogant Hermes,Monmouth & Polyphemus cancelled. Displacement 18,310 tons Dimensions 650' x 90' x 25' Armament 8 x 4.5" A.A. 34 x 40 mm Aircraft 42 Armour 2" over magazines Speed 29 ½ knots


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