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Freedom class LCS decks & details 1-1800 scale

Freedom class LCS decks & details 1-1800 scale


The decals are specifically sized to fit Freedom class Litorial Combat Ship STL prints at 1-1800 scale. They will probably fit other designer's stls.


They are printed on clear water slide decal paper.


Included in the set:

6x helo decks as well as bridge windows and vent panels.


The dotted boxes a port and starboard vents that can be cut out and applied as one piece to the ship. It will provide a "pop" detail factor to an otherwise flat section side of the printed ship.


They are made to fit on a "soon to be released" version that does not have the recessed markings.

Even so, they can still be used on already printed ships. Use a small brush to fill the recesses with liquid resin, cure and lightly sand level.


Decals need to be individualy cutout. See application tips and directions.

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