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Arado AR-E 555 "Amerikabomber" 1-300 scale

Arado AR-E 555 "Amerikabomber" - multiple scales available

PriceFrom $8.50

The "Amerikabomber" 

The Arado E.555 was a long range strategic bomber proposed by the German Arado company during World War II in response to the RLM's Amerikabomber project. The E.555 designation was applied to a series of long range jet bomber designs of various sizes, powerplant, crew and weapon load configurations. As design studies, no aircraft were developed or constructed and the entire E.555 project was cancelled at the end of 1944. But "what if"?


We are a licensed printer & distributor for Roman Troyan of Plane Printer renowned.

  • Each model is available to purchase individually.
  • Each plane is available in multiple scales. All 1-200 & 1-300 scale planes are kept in stock and available for immediate shipping. No two or three week delays to get your reinforcements shipped. 


About out resin prints:

  • We print all miniatures on 8k or 12K high resolution printers.
  • We do not use cheap resin but rather highest quality 8K resins available.
  • Miniatures are not printed for speed or resin savings but for highest possible resolution.
  • We print all models at or <0.03mm layer height. This means no visible layer lines! The wings and fuselage will not look like a topographical map.
  • We print models at 65°> to reduce the need to attach support to visible wing/fuselage surfaces.
  • We do not use just a few large thick supports that leave visible marks to try and save on resin.
  •  All prints go through a multiple IPA washes and compressed air drying process to remove all post print resin film.


Flight stands are sold separately.


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