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USAF 18th FW, 8th & 43rd TFS F-15s

USAF 18th FW, 8th & 43rd TFS F-15s


The sheet containes a mix of accurate tail codes for F-15 squadrons both the 18th Fighter wing. Just use different tail stripe colors to signify the indifidual squadrons. It also includes markings for the Alsakan based 43rd and 8th New Mexico based tactical fighter squadrons. 


The United States Air Force's 18th Wing is the host wing for Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan and is the Air Force's largest combat wing. It is the largest and principal organization in the Pacific Air Forces Fifth Air Force.


44th Fighter Squadron "Vampire Bats" (F-15C/D)
67th Fighter Squadron "Fighting Cocks" (F-15C/D) Red tail

The 18th FW comes with subdued "Pacific Forces" tail shield emblems. The 18th and 43rd TFS comes with a mix of color and subdued "Air Combat Command" shields.


The decals are sized specifically to GHQ's F-15 casting. 

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