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1-200 RAF Type C roundels, 2 different size sheets

1-200 RAF Type C roundels, 2 different size sheets


Generic sheet of 1-200 scale RAF Type C roundels. Type C were used on light surfaces July 1942 – 1947 but not used on upper surfaces. They were the follow-on replacement for Type A1 roundels. 

Here again, the purpose was to reduce the vividness by reducing the width of the white stripe. The standard application of this Type C scheme consists in the Type B on the upper surfaces, the Type C on the under surfaces, and the Type C-1 on the fuselage sides, and an accompanying Type C fin flash on the tail.


Type C roundels were rarely employed on the fuselage sides of aircraft unless the aircraft were also BCATP yellow, PR blue and sometimes natural bare metal airframes.


There are two different sheet sizes available:


Small fighters:

60x 5.5mm

66x 5mm

60x 4.5mm


Large fighters:

24x 7mm

54x 6.5mm

50x 6mm


Decals have been test fitted to Plane Printer - Roman Troyan's - 3d print STLs as well as Armaments in Miniature resin cast planes.

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