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1-200 Focke Wulf Project 195 - multiple scales available

1-200 Focke Wulf Project 195 - multiple scales available

PriceFrom $19.00

This bomber  is massive! Printed at 1-300 scale it is larger than than a B24 printed at 1-200 scale. It is the only 1-300 plane that is printed in 3 parts: port, aft wings and fusalage. Thus, it requires assembly. If you order it 1-200 scale please understand that the print takes almost 26 hours and will delay your shipment.  


We are a licensed printer & distributor for Roman Troyan of Plane Printer renowned.

  • Each model is available to purchase individually.
  • Each plane is available in multiple scales. All 1-200 & 1-300 scale planes are kept in stock and available for immediate shipping. No two or three week delays to get your reinforcements shipped. 


About out resin prints:

  • We print all miniatures on 8k or 12K high resolution printers.
  • We do not use cheap resin but rather highest quality 8K resins available.
  • Miniatures are not printed for speed or resin savings but for highest possible resolution.
  • We print all models at or <0.03mm layer height. This means no visible layer lines! The wings and fuselage will not look like a topographical map.
  • We print models at 65°> to reduce the need to attach support to visible wing/fuselage surfaces.
  • We do not use just a few large thick supports that leave visible marks to try and save on resin.
  •  All prints go through a multiple IPA washes and compressed air drying process to remove all post print resin film.


Flight stands are sold separately.


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