Why am I discontinuing the GHQ line of decals?


  • I personally have been collecting / gaming with GHQ miniatures for 35+ years.

  • I have always been a huge supporter and raving fan of GHQ products.

  • 5 years ago I purchased the rights to several original WWII & Modern deck designs from another party.

  • Over the past 5 years I have revamped and increased the total number of designs 10 fold.  At current count, I believe there is somewhere near 500 designs that are specific to only GHQ models.

  • This has represented a lot of dollars of GHQ purchases as well as thousands of hours creating new digital designs for previously not covered. I also created designs for all of the new GHQ releases.

  • I like to think that those efforts and decals have had a positive impact for GHQ CV sales?


Over the past 5 years I have been completely unsuccessful in opening any sort of dialog with GHQ about either supporting or acknowledging the deck decals.  For example, requests to credit Flight Deck Decals in their catalog, under pictures that have the decals on them, have had no response from GHQ.  When I have responded to customers looking for info about the decals on the GHQ Forum, my posts have been deleted.  They were considered advertising. I agree, my response posts were advertising.  What I would suggest is that it was advertising for a product GHQ does not sell and can only be used on GHQ products... It was also responsive, not proactive, advertising. Although I would gladly accept, I am not looking for anything beyond the above from GHQ.  

By GHQ's lack of response to multiple messages, over multiple years, I can only assume they are not interested / do not care if decals continue to be produced. Although I would have appreciated some / any response from GHQ, they obviously have no obligation to do so.       

So why am I retiring the line? I just do not see the value in continuing to support GHQ models when I can redirect those hours, $, efforts & stock inventory into other manufacture's lines. Especially since I have a mutual supportive working relationship with them. I will however, continue to provide 1-2400 deck decals for Superior-Alnavco, Viking Forge, & pfcCnC.  

I'm looking forward to launching a new line supporting Figurehead 1-6000 naval line as well as possibly some 1-2400 & 1-1800 3D print models.


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Due to increased volumes & work on the new 1-1800 scale Victory at Sea decal line, we are unable to accept custom design requests at this time.