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6mm Italian WWII tank markings

6mm Italian WWII tank markings


Italian tank unit / company / platoon  markings. They are specifically sized to GHQ Italian tanks P 40 Heavy Tanks. The plates will fit the turret of the smaller M-13/40 tanks but the tactical number above the plate probably will need to be removed. This is in part due to the GHQ detail of heavy protruding bolts/rivets along the turret. See attached pictures of M-13/40 tanks painted by Pete Skaar.


1st Company - Red
2nd Company - -Blue
3rd Company -Yellow
4th Company - Green (unusual to have have 4th company)


1st Platoon - 1 bar
2nd Platoon - 2 bars
3rd Platoon - 3 bars


Black - battalion HQ company

White - Regimental HQ company


Number indicates tank postion with each platoon

Company comander tank - solid color - no number


Before you purchase, take a look at the size of a GHQ Italian M 11/39 Tank  turret. Point is that even though they are larger than "true life" scale the decal symbols are very small. They will take patients to cutout and apply.

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