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HMS Ocean Navwar RNM15

HMS Ocean Navwar RNM15


Deck sized to Navwar's N129 OCEAN LPH 1 1998.

H.M.S. OCEAN helicopter carrier completed 1998. Displacement 21,758 tons full load Dimensions 667’ x 115’ x 21’ Armament 8 30mm Oerlikon 3 x Vulcan Phalanx Helicopters 12 x Sea King or Merlin 6 x Lynx or Apache Capacity 830 marines + 40 vehicles 4 x LCVP Mk 5 on Davits 2 Griffon Hovercraft Can carry, but not support, 20 Harriers. Sold to Brazil and commissioned as PHM Atlântico in June 2018.


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