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HMS Albion Commando Carrier Navwar


Plese note! The deck is sized to Navwar's BULWARK N127 - NOT N1214 Albion as that casting is too narrow for the deck lines.

Commissioned in 1954 and joined the Mediterianian fleet. In 1956, Albion took part in operations in the Suez Crisis where her air group struck key Egyptian airfields, and covered the paratroopers landings. In 1958, Albion had a sample of what she would one day become, when she embarked 42 Commando Royal Marines, with all its vehicles and additional equipment to the Middle East. During 1961 she was converted to a commando carrier. She recommissioned in 1962, training with 845 and 846 helicopter squadrons as well as 40 Commando Royal Marines before she joined the Far East Fleet.