Falklands Malvinas War support ship set #3 RMN33

Falklands Malvinas War support ship set #3 RMN33


Deck sized to Navwar models: N190A DILIGENCE & N9012 Elk Sea Runner class Ro-Ro Ferry.

There are 2 variants options for Diligence.  The Elk decks can be used to simulate other ferries equipped with helicopter decks that participated in Operation Corporate: Baltic Ferry, Europic Ferry, Nordic Ferry, Norland, Tor Caledonia, Rangatira, St Edmund. A slight modification to the model is required. There are 2 small protrusions that will need to be removed from the model where the decal will go. This is easily accomplished with an Xacto blade.

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Due to increased volumes & work on the new 1-1800 scale Victory at Sea decal line, we are unable to accept custom design requests at this time.