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Update on GHQ line of decals

Before I proceed with the update, I want to thank all of you that reached out to GHQ on my behalf. Your business and support is greatly and sincerely appreciated.


GHQ has proactively initiated a conversation with me. The message was very positive and helpful in its content and nature.  They have generously offered several possibilities & suggestions to assist with continuance of the decal line which supports their models.

After 35+ years of collecting/gamming, and 5 years of producing decals for their models, I am evermore appreciative of their support.  With that, I will be restocking the line and am looking forward to producing decks for: 

  • HMS Argus  

  • HUS-26 Lewis and Clark- class (T-AKE-1)

  • GEN-27 CVL Weser, CA Seydlitz conversion to carrier

  • HJN-9 DE Abukama- class destroyer escort

  • UK-59 CVL Colossus- class

  • HRC-12 Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock

  • HSN-15 Ivan Gren- class landing ship dock

I will also be expanding the line of vehicle marking decals which are sized to GHQ Micro Armor models. Modern tactical numbers and Wehrmacht Tank & Panzer Grenadier Regiments are already available.

Thank you again for your business and support!






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