Frequently Asked Questions 

Going forward this page will be dedicated to FAQs.  At this time, I will use for the most immediate FAQ I have been receiving.  That question is:

Why am I discontinuing the GHQ line of decals?

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  • I personally have been collecting GHQ miniatures for 35+ years.

  • I have always been a huge supporter and fan of GHQ products.

  • Back 5 years ago when I purchased the rights to the original deck designs from another party.

  • Over the past 5 years I have revamped and increased the total number of designs specific to GHQ models by 10 fold.  At current count, I believe there is somewhere near 500 designs that are specific to only GHQ models.

  • This has represented thousands of dollars in purchases as well as thousands of hours creating new digital designs for previously not covered, as well as every new GHQ release over those 5 years.

  • I like to think that those efforts, in someway, have had a positive impact for GHQ?


Some experiences that contributed to my decision:

  • About 4 years ago I had inquired with GHQ about possibly acknowledging Flight Deck Decals with regard to models with deck decals on their web & print catalogs rather than just "decals not included"

  • Since then, I have reached out several more times asking if their was any opportunity to reference the decals?  Unlike any of the other manufacture I produce supporting decals for, I never received a response. 

  • 2 years ago I had responded to someone on the GHQ forum. They asked where and how to purchase the deck decals.  My post with the info and link to the specific decal he was looking for was deleted. A stern message was posted that GHQ does not allow advertising on the forum.

What solidified my decision: 

  • For the past year or so GHQ has advertised in their catalogs that "GHQ is teaming up with" another decal manufacture.

  • This advertisement is a 1/3 page ad that has appeared in the past several print catalogs.

As mentioned the continuance of the GHQ line represents a substantial investment of time and effort. A single deck design requires that I purchase at least one of the models, and the design artwork can take upwards of 20 hours to complete.  I have never asked for any special treatment or discounts.  Like you, for the past 30 years, I always looked forward to the GHQ Black Friday Sale.

I want to make perfectly clear, I am not accusing GHQ of any wrongdoing what so ever.  They have not. They have made a business decisions as I am also now doing.  I just do not see the value in continuing to support their models when I can redirect those hours, $, and efforts into other manufacture's lines that I have a mutual supportive working relationship with.  I'm very much looking forward to launching a new line supporting Figurehead 1-6000 naval line as well as possibly some 1-2400 & 1-1800 3D print models.